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Tensile Testing Machines


Tensile Testing Machine - Computerised

Mechatronic Control System is engaged in manufacturing Tensile Testing Machines in the range of 2T, 2.5T and 5T. Tensile testing machines are available in mechanical, electronic & computerized format and are suited for studying mechanical behavior of different material such as metals, polymers and elastomers. Mechatronic Control System manufacture TNE series machines tat are electro mechanical screw driven machines with precision screw and column construction. Tensile testing machine can be availed in variable speed drives and tow options. The model most preferred by our clients is the acme-threaded screw with DC motor drive and ball lead screw with servo drive.


TNEseries machines are available with following options Depending upon test requirements and budget, best combination can be selected.

DRIVE - SD: Drive dd is with DC motor with thyrister drive to give speed ratio As per sample std. Requirement.

DRIVE - SD: Drive SD is with servo motor & PWM transister drive to give speed ratio As per sample std. Requirement.